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Knitting Metal Earring Tree


Do you have a problem with buying earrings? Then I’m not here to help you, these custom laser cut earring trees give you plenty of storage space to feed your habit.


 Dimensions of the earring tree:

Reader: 10” tall by 6.5” wide

Owl: 8” by 8”

Birds: 6” tall by 7.5” wide

Available in a reddish cherry or a dark walnut.


Please note that these come with a protective paper on these. If you’re arthritic or have a problem with fine motor skills or finger strength, let me know in the comments and I’ll remove it before your earring tree ships.

***Does not come with earrings, but really, why would you be ordering this if you didn't also want to buy earrings?

Handmade in New Hampshire 

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