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As an engineer, I tend to spend my days conceptualizing on a computer with very little physical interaction with my hands personally. Chainmaille is my way of breaking away from the norm and connecting my creativity with the physical world. At the end of the day, it's good to be able to hold something you have created one step at a time.

My interest in creating maille armor was inspired by the great knights of fantasy. At thirteen, I created my first chainmaille vest using spare fencing wire wound around a wooden dowel. I cut those with tin snips and then twisted each ring into place using the classic European "4 in 1" pattern. This painful first project taught me many things, including the importance of well made and aligned rings (and of course a lot of patience which I lacked at the time).

Making jewelry became a passion for me after a friend showed me the complexities of chainmaille weaving many years later.

Enjoy my site and happy shopping.